Gosport fishing permit April 23 2014

We recently acquired this interesting fishing permit issued to a Mr J. Phillips in 1909 by the Royal Engineers at Gosport and allowing him to fish within the moats of Gosport and Stokes Bay. 

 The Stokes Bay lines were built in the 1860s as part of the wider fortifications constructed around Gosport and Portsmouth on the recommendations of Lord Palmerston. The lines consisted of a moat with a protective rampart and connected Fort Gomer to Fort Monckton. In 1878 the Royal Engineers altered the flow of the River Alver to run into the moat near to No 2 battery, and this presumably led to the greatly improved fishing prospects!

In the 1950s the moat was filled in, although clues as to its former course can still be seen.

Part of the moat at Stokes Bay with The Crescent beyond, c.1920


 Looking east along the moat from No. 2 battery at the western end of Stokes Bay, 1920s