A British Liner RMS Caronia - Chromolithograph, c.1905


A British Liner (R.M.S. "Caronia")

A fine original Edwardian chromolithograph depicting a cross section of the Cunard liner RMS Caronia, published about 1905

Framed and glazed in our studio

Overall size including frame: 36.5 x 92.5 cm

Condition: Excellent, with neat original vertical folds.

A fine example of Edwardian chromolithography, this hugely detailed cross-section depicts the Cunard liner RMS Caronia, launched in 1904 and named after Caro Brown, the granddaughter of Cunard's New York agent. She operated on various routes, with an interruption for war service, until her final voyage in 1932.

Caronia is widely remembered for sending the first ice warning to RMS Titanic at 9am on 14 April 1912 alerting her to "bergs, growlers and field ice".

This fascinating print is incredibly detailed and displays all the many strata of life on board an ocean liner of the period, from first-class passengers on the upper decks to stokers down in the boiler rooms. Many of the ship's stores are also depicted such as hanging joints of meat, sacks of grain and coal. Above the ship are various smaller vignettes of other ocean liners of the period.

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