Engraved view of Haslar Hospital, Gosport, by J. & F. Harwood

Engraved view of Haslar Hospital, Gosport, by J. & F. Harwood

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J. & F. Harwood (publishers)
Haslar Hospital, c.1840

Depicting the hospital viewed across Haslar Lake

Hand coloured engraving
Contained within an antique gilt oval frame
Dimensions of frame at widest point: 28.3 cm

Upon Haslar Hospital being built in the 1750s it was always felt that a bridge was necessary, as the route by land was by a muddy cart-track and the only other way to the town was to be conveyed across Haslar Lake by a ferryman. A couple of precarious and short-lived bridges were built before the property developer Robert Cruickshank, who was also responsible for The Crescent in Alverstoke, built one in 1835 - possibly to increase traffic to Angleseyville, his Alverstoke resort spa. The Admiralty agreed to pay £50 per annum to the Bridge Company to exempt the officers and staff of the hospital from paying any tolls. The bridge stood until 1978.

This engraving shows the then new bridge and the fine facade of the hospital beyond. The tall tower to the right is a watch tower that stood at the Clayhall Lane end of Haslar Road.