Naval shipping at the mouth of Portsmouth Harbour - signed etching by W.L.Wyllie


William Lionel Wyllie RA (1851-1931)
Naval shipping at the mouth of Portsmouth Harbour

etching with drypoint, signed in pencil

Framed & glazed in our studio using conservation materials

Overall dimensions including frame: 35.7 x 58.7 cm


Depicting Fort Blockhouse (HMS Dolphin) on the extreme left and the Semaphore Tower and Round Tower on the right of the image, with the discernible ships depicted from left to right: Royal Yacht Victoria & Albert, HMS Victory, Majestic-class battleship HMS Prince George toward the foreground, and Canopus-class battleship HMS Vengeance.

The scene may have been recorded at the outbreak of World War One when both pre-dreadnought battleships Prince George and Vengeance briefly served together in the 7th Battle Squadron of the Channel Fleet.

We only sell original etchings by Wyllie, each bearing his actual pencil signature to the lower margin. The original etchings have a gradation and subtlety of tone which cannot be achieved with modern reproductive methods.

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