HMS Revenge leaving Portsmouth Harbour - signed etching by W.L. Wyllie


etching with drypoint, signed in pencil, framed and glazed

Overall size including frame 42.7 x 62.5 cm

Fort Blockhouse (HMS Dolphin) is shown on the left in Gosport with the campanile of Holy Trinity beyond. To the extreme right is Clarence Pier, destroyed by enemy bombs during WWII.

Henry VIII's Round Tower is shown towards the centre and to the right of the ship, and just beyond can be seen the steeple of Tower House which Wyllie added to the building in 1918 to allow better views of the harbour mouth.

Revenge, the lead ship of the Revenge-class battleships, was commissioned in 1916 and was present at Jutland, landing five shells on SMS Derfflinger. After WWI she served in the Mediterranean station and was gradually improved and updated during the 1920s and 1930s, being well used in WWII for convoy duties as well as highly classified transfers of gold bullion to the United States.

We only sell original etchings by Wyllie, each bearing his actual pencil signature in the lower margin. The original etchings have a gradation and subtlety of tone which cannot be achieved with modern reproductive reproductive methods.

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