Fine Art Restoration | Oil Paintings, Watercolours and Prints

We at the Richard Martin Gallery have been restoring oil paintings, watercolours and prints since opening in 1980.

We are the restorer of choice for many picture dealers, and also regularly accept restoration work from private collectors and institutions including The Royal Navy and Royal Navy Submarine Museum.

We concentrate on serving our own Hampshire and its surrounding counties of Dorset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Surrey and Sussex and, with our studio being in Gosport, we don't incur high city overheads which suits both us and our customers alike.

Two of our sons, Daniel & Ben (now both in their 40s!) joined us in the business and we have a wealth of experience between us. We take great pleasure and pride in our work and look forward to helping you bring your pictures back to their very best.

Richard & Elaine Martin

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Let us give you a free estimate

To begin with, we would recommend calling us on 023 9252 0642 or sending us a selection of images to and we can give you an initial idea of what may be required.

We will then ask you to visit our studio and we'll give you a treatment proposal, along with a quote and a predicted time span (usually between three and six weeks). There is no charge whatsoever for our estimates, nor is there any hard sell. We are a long established family business who believe in good service and plain speaking.

For larger or very delicate items we can visit you in your home, or arrange collection of your painting with a courier.


Oil Paintings

Treatments undertaken often include the repair of torn canvases, scratches on the painted surface or the cleaning of years of accumulated dirt and grime.

For larger tears the painting may need to be relined.

Our aim is always to maintain the original integrity and feel of a painting relative to its age and execution, which requires experience and considered judgement. 

Commonly, paintings will be housed in their original frames which we can also restore if they are damaged.

French oil on canvas, 19th century - relined, restored, cleaned and revarnished


Victorian oil on canvas - restored and revarnished


Oil on board, early 20th century - cleaned and revarnished


Older watercolours are often affected by single or multiple brown spots known as 'foxing'. Other problems include overall browning and discolouration through acid migration from the old wooden backing boards.

If required we can either reassemble your restored watercolour into its existing frame, or choose a new and suitable frame for you.

Watercolour by Herbert Menzies Marshall (1841-1913) - overall browning caused by acid-migration from backing board


Watercolour by John Smart (1838-99) - overall browning caused by acid-migration from its old backing board


Watercolour by Orlando Norie (1832-1901) - browning caused by acid-migration from its old backing board.


Watercolour by Alma Burlton Cull (1880-1931) - foxed and heavily browned


Watercolour by Harold Percival (1868-1914) - foxed and browned


Prints and Etchings

We can remove foxing or overall browning from prints and etchings, and repair and improve the appearance of tears or holes. We also undertake hand colouring of prints where desired.

Hand coloured etching by Charles Hunt (born 1806) - heavily foxed and browned


Etching by WL Wyllie (1851-1931) - browning caused by acid-migration from old backing board


Frames and Mouldings

We can also restore ornate antique gilt wood and gesso frames by recasting missing sections and matching the original gilt tones.

Stipple engravings in antique frames before & after restoration


Restored frame, before and after