Bird's Eye View of Portsmouth Harbour by H.W. Brewer, c.1885


Each of our bird's-eye views of Portsmouth Harbour have been individually hand-coloured and framed in our studio.

An extremely detailed and high quality reproduction of a Victorian panoramic view of Portsmouth Harbour, the image measuring 35 x 95 cm, framed and glazed

An endlessly interesting view that is packed full of detail and shows the harbour as drawn by H.W. Brewer about 1885. The Semaphore Tower in Portsmouth Dockyard stands in the foreground beyond which is the railway extension to the dockyard which no longer exists. HMS Victory can be seen floating in the busy harbour, a position in which she spent many years before being placed into dry dock in 1922.

The Camber at Old Portsmouth is surrounded by ships and dominated by Portsmouth Cathedral. On the Gosport side of the harbour Holy Trinity Church is clearly visible as well as the elegant Clarence Square (where the flagpole stands) which was sadly demolished in the 1960s. Haslar Hospital and the Kicker Gill (a sea mark built to aid navigation into the harbour in 1699) are clearly shown in the distance.

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